A Struggle of Punker


Indonesian Street Punk at Kota Tua, Jakarta
Indonesian Street Punk at Kota Tua, Jakarta

In the middle of the issue of stereotypical of thuggery formed by conventional mass media and the government of Indonesia to the group of punk-street, I found the phenomenon that is far from the stereotype. When I visited Kota Tua, I met with a group of street punker who was selling some accessories from their distinctive style and some merchandise of punk bands. Then I approached and opened a chat, ranging from accessories and merchandise that they sell until the development of punk scene in Indonesia. With its eccentric appearance, they are quite friendly and open when answering some of my questions related to their identity that lately they are faced with stereotypes of thugs plaguing the society. For them, the stereotypes created by the government that can not solve the case of of thuggery in the society.

The government could not identify which really Punker with Thugs who dressed as Punk. Usually the punker struggling to make ends meet by selling accessories punk or by singing on the road than they have to commit crimes. What they are doing is a form of resistance against the concept of bourgeois society were present in the urban environment.


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